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teen coaching

Parents want their teens to be successful, and teens want that just as much for themselves. However, they often don’t have the life experience required to know how to handle the multiple challenges they face in their social, academic, and internal worlds. I use specific tools to help teens see the strengths they already have but may not be using as much as they could. We develop strategies for taking on their challenges in small bites so they are more likely to experience success and be motivated to keep trying. We work as a team to help them see just how capable and resilient they are!

I will help your child identify strengths and how to use them to grow their levels of confidence in their ability to manage such issues as:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Peer pressure
  • Bullying
  • Academic performance
  • Family and/or peer relationships
  • Career exploration

My coaching is very strategy-oriented. Your child will be an active participant in developing and practicing new thinking patterns and behaviors, observing their effectiveness, and determining whether that strategy works for them. Parents are included in this process, as needed, so you can support your child’s progress toward achieving their goals.

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