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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I was introduced to Eva through a mutual friend 8 years ago. I didn’t really know anything about life coaching but I thought I would give it a try. I am so glad that I did!

At the time I started I was at a very low point in my life and dealing with major trauma. Through Life Coaching with Eva, I was able to put some much needed structure back into my life which, in turn, allowed me to re-enter the world with a renewed confidence and esteem. Life Coaching with Eva helped me to put meaning back into my life and find a direction that was right for me. With this renewed sense of purpose, I was able to start a business that successfully allows me support myself and enjoy my life to the fullest. If there ever was a time to use Eva as YOUR life coach and propel yourself to YOUR next level, it is NOW!
Posted By: Alfreda Jackson
“I am — at 45 — learning I have a lot to work on and that is ok. I am growing as a mother, as a partner, a daughter, sister and friend. Thank you so much for being so insightful, honest, direct yet compassionate, and for guiding the conversation, and giving me tools to communicate more effectively.”
Posted By: Eva Dwight
“My coaching sessions have been like a life raft has been thrown to me. It has helped me to take the step to the next level in my life. The questions that Eva asks me are very thought provoking and they cause me to look inwardly and see exactly what emotions I am experiencing. I am so grateful for this experience!”
Posted By: Eva Dwight
“I see a counselor, in addition to working with Eva, and my counselor is helpful, but when I work with Eva for life coaching, I walk away with more real, practical strategies for managing my stress and anxiety. So in many ways, I’ve found coaching to be much more helpful than counseling.”
Posted By: Eva Dwight
“Parenting Partners makes me think more about HOW I am parenting. I’m tired, grumpy, hungry, needing a break, but parenting goes on 24/7. I need to be the best I can at this, as this matters more than anything else. This group helps me remember my parenting goals and reminds me I’m not alone in parenting challenges.”
Posted By: Eva Dwight
“I’m walking away with optimism and a positive insight for me and my daughter’s future!”
Posted By: Eva Dwight
“The main reason I would recommend this class to someone else, is because I gained great information and skills on the topic of the Four Mistaken Goals. I now understand my children better and how I can assist each child with each different personality.”
Posted By: Eva Dwight
“This class was so fun and informative! I highly recommend it to parents!”
Posted By: Eva Dwight
“Eva has shared an abundance of knowledge and teaches with an insightful strategy. Every week I was able to use a new strategy or tool that has helped me better grow my parenting skills, understand my children, and recognize areas of improvement in myself.”
Posted By: Eva Dwight
“This class provided so much more than just a parenting book. The discussions with Eva and other parents were just what I needed to practice my new skills.”
Posted By: Eva Dwight

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